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Empowering financial inclusion: UzOman invests in ZOOD, a leading digital lending platform in Uzbekistan


​Tashkent, Uzbekistan, June 21, 2023

  • UzOman, a JV between Omani and Uzbek Sovereign Wealth Funds, makes undisclosed investment in ZOOD to accelerate digital lending innovation in Uzbekistan.

UzOman (Uzbek Oman Investment Company), a joint investment venture between Sovereign Wealth Funds Oman Investment Authority (OIA) and the Uzbek Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan (UFRD), invested in ZOOD’s operations in Uzbekistan. ZOOD is a leading digital lending platform offering groundbreaking financial solutions in Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Lebanon.


Headquartered in Switzerland with 10 offices serving Central Asia and the Middle East markets, ZOOD is a rapidly growing FinTech company that drives financial inclusion by providing innovative and accessible solutions through its digital lending platform. With 10 million users (5 million in Uzbekistan), ZOOD provides a holistic ecosystem including ZoodPay (FinTech), ZoodMall (E-commerce), and ZoodShip (E-logistics) services, with lending as its core operation. As a one-stop shop for lending solutions, ZOOD provides consumers with 4 interest-free installments, up to 12 interest-bearing installment options for online and in-store, and monthly inventory financing and warehousing services for SMEs.


Commenting on the investment, Mohamed Al Lawati, CEO of UzOman said, “This investment is part of our ongoing efforts to promote and invest in Uzbekistan's rapidly growing financial sector. ZOOD’s focus on providing innovative, convenient, and secure payment solutions aligns well with UzOman’s plans to invest in the financial sector in Uzbekistan and empower businesses and individuals with cutting-edge financial tools.”


Michael Khoi, Group CEO of ZOOD, said, “UzOman’s investment is a testament to ZOOD’s pioneering role in driving financial inclusion through a holistic ecosystem that provides comprehensive solutions for individuals and businesses in Central Asia and the Middle East. We are proud to collaborate with UzOman to further expand our reach and impact, creating economic opportunities in Uzbekistan."

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About UzOman

UzOman is a joint venture between Oman Investment Authority (OIA) and the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan (UFRD). UzOman focuses on identifying high-potential investment opportunities that promote economic growth and development in Uzbekistan.

About ZOOD 

ZOOD is a digital lending platform providing innovative financial solutions to over 300 million people in Pakistan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, and Lebanon. Headquartered in Switzerland, ZOOD has ten offices serving over 10 million users across their fast-growing FinTech emerging markets. ZoodPay, the fintech arm of Zood, offers a range of innovative lending solutions, including ZoodPay SME Inventory, ZoodPay Consumer BNPL, and ZoodPay Consumer Credit. ZoodMall, ZOOD’s e-commerce arm, is the Middle East's and Central Asia's fastest-growing mobile-only shopping app. ZoodShip, ZOOD’s e-logistics services, complements the ecosystem by providing fulfillment and consolidation services to merchants and last-mile delivery options to customers.  

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