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The ZOOD Ecosystem

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We are a Swiss-based digital lending platform for e-commerce in untapped and underserved markets. Our holistic ecosystem, which embeds FinTech, E-commerce, and E-logistics, enables over 300 million consumers and 5 million merchants in Uzbekistan, Lebanon, and Pakistan access to financing through innovative distribution.



Our core activity in this ecosystem is lending. ZOOD Pay offers three products:

  • ZOOD Pay Consumer BNPL is an interest-free flexible payment solution spread over four equal installments. At checkout, the customer choosing this option will be settling 25% of the amount due immediately and the 75% balance equally spread over the following three months.

  • ZOOD Pay Consumer Credit is an interest-bearing payment solution repaid over 6 or 12 equal installments.The customer pays the full cost of the loan, including the principal and the accrued interest.

  • ZOOD Pay SME Inventory financing to select ZOOD merchants, for up to one month. We also provide warehousing, packing, and last-mile delivery through a dedicated fulfillment center. The merchants will send the financed products to our warehouse, where they will serve as collateral together with the customer receivables.



ZOOD Mall, our proprietary lending marketplace in the ZOOD Super App, focuses on the demand side, or the consumers, with an ever-growing user base, topping 10 million as of today, and offers merchants lead generation opportunities and the chance to move their business online without going through costly marketing activities.

ZOOD Mall’s marketplace is an ideal solution for local and cross-border merchants seeking access to countries of the Middle East and Central Asia with a flexible payment solution, given the low penetration and fast-growing nature of these markets. It also helps cross-border merchants overcome the logistic challenges in delivery or local set-up with a quick integration solution and a low cost of search, which negates financial risk by reducing the need to invest massively before testing the markets and limits costs to only sales performance, and relieves the cumbersome need to manage customer support.

ZOOD Mall features over 7 million products from 30,000 domestic and international sellers, allowing users to buy goods using our flexible payment solutions.


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We have complemented our ecosystem with an e-logistics service. ZOOD Ship includes fulfillment, consolidation, and last-mile delivery to the customer’s home or through our 250 ZOOD Box Smart Lockers Network (pick up and collection points) and Pick up points.

ZOOD Ship offers warehousing, fulfillment, packing, pickup points with fitting rooms, lockers, courier and postal deliveries for ZOOD Pay orders.  ZOOD Ship guarantees a faster delivery time and reduced delivery costs thus improving the user experience. It also helps the merchants in their daily operations, attracting them to our ecosystem and strengthening our partnerships with them.

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Flexible payment with ZOOD

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