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Brand Guideline

Our brand presents who we are and how we want our users to feel when they see our products and services, you can find the guidelines for ZOOD Pay, ZOOD Mall, ZOOD Business, ZOOD Ship, and ZOOD Card, down below.

Our personality describes the tone we use for external communications. It should be expressed as an embodiment of our values. We are bold and optimistic. Our logo is one of our most valuable corporate assets, it's uniquely distinguishing us from our competitors and other companies. It’s the tangible symbol of our brand, representing everything we are: our expertise, our values, our people, our offerings.

Text Usage

When you want to use our brand and services, It's important to keep using the correct way of using them on texts.

1. Always use ZOOD in all uppercase formats (Wrong Examples: Zood, zood)

2. Service names should have the first character in uppercase and other characters in a small case like ZOOD Card or ZOOD Mall (Wrong Examples: ZOOD PAY, ZOOD pay, ZOODPAY, ZOODPay)

3. Even if you want to use ZOOD in our services name it should be capitalized as well (Wrong Examples: ZoodPay, zoodPay)

4. Maintain a single space between the word "ZOOD" and the service name, such as ZOOD Card or ZOOD Pay (Wrong Examples: ZOODPay, ZOODMall)

Logo Usage

It's important to keep the same usage of our logo everywhere even outside of our platform and we should make sure the logo is fully clear for users and it's providing the same feeling everywhere and it's enough visible for users.

Please note that when you are using our logo in the main color, You should keep the white color for internal Z, Only in the case of using the logo in the solid white color you can use Z as a transparent element.

Only our main Blue and White colors are eligible to be used as the color of our logo.

Download Assets 

You can download the assets which you need from the list below:

EPS (Main)
EPS (White)
PNG (White)
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