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Frequently Asked questions by Merchants

1. What is ZOOD Pay? 

ZOOD Pay is a unique fintech solution for online or offline stores and marketplaces, which allows you to sell goods and services in installments or with post-payment, while the customer does not need to switch to a third-party resource or contact a bank to obtain time-consuming lending services. Everything is done online and instantly. 
2. Why do online stores need it? 
Using ZOOD Pay online service, online and offline stores can develop their site, attract new customers, and increase sales through higher average order values and increased frequency of purchases. Now you don't need to transfer anymore your traffic to third-party platforms.
3. How to start selling with ZOOD Pay?
It's very easy to start selling with ZOOD Pay:

1. Submit an application for cooperation on this form

2. Sign the Merchant Agreement 

3. Set up the integration with the ZOOD Pay service 

4. Start selling!
4. Who can become a ZOOD Pay Partner? 
We do not have strict criteria or restrictions. If you have an online store or marketplace, you do not sell prohibited goods, your activity complies with the legislation of your country, we are ready to cooperate with you. Consideration and decision-making will not take more than one working day after all the necessary documents have been submitted. 
5. How much does it cost to connect to the ZOOD Pay service? 
Connection to the ZOOD Pay service is free of charge, you pay only for guaranteed sales, according to the approved commissions which differ per product category. 
6. Who is doing the integration? 
Integration work for the ZOOD Pay service is done on your side. We will provide you with all the necessary integration documentation. You can also download the plugin if your online store is built on one of the popular e-commerce platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, Bitrix, WooCommerce, ExpandCart, BILLZ and others - this will greatly facilitate the process of integrating with the ZOOD Pay service.
7. What is the commission for sales with the ZOOD Pay service? 
The commission depends on the category of goods that you sell.
8. What are the benefits of working with ZOOD Pay? 
• You will be able to increase the frequency of purchases, the average order value, and the conversion of successful orders. 
• You do not lose your traffic, all customers remain on your platform and there is no need to switch to a third-party resource to get an installment plan. 
• We invest in marketing to increase the visibility of this payment method and our Partners. 
• You will get rid of the problems associated with paying cash on delivery. 
• Obligation to return money from customers lies entirely on our side. 
• We pay for purchases regularly. 
9. Who already sells with ZOOD Pay? 
ZOOD Pay service has long been available in the ZOOD Mall shopping application, in different countries around the world, such as Uzbekistan, Lebanon,  and Pakistan. All ZOOD Pay Partners are listed in the ZOOD Pay webpage "Sellers" section. 
10. How will it affect the Seller if the customer goes into delay or stops paying?
This will not affect you in any way, all the risks of collecting the money lie on our side. In any case, you will receive the entire purchase amount minus the commission. 
11. What measures are applied to customers in case of late payment of installments?
In some of our countries, in the event of a delay, the customer will need to pay a fixed delay fee. In any case, we always try to help our customers and find optimal solutions to prevent delays and violations of the terms of cooperation. 
12. When will I receive my money for ZOOD Pay sales?
We make mutual settlements with our sellers on a weekly basis; either Tuesday and Thursday. Respectively, you will receive money for delivered orders no later than 7 days from the date of delivery. 
13. What does a customer need to have to be able to buy in my online store with ZOOD Pay?
To purchase in installments with the ZOOD Pay service, the customer must have a bank card with a validity period of at least 3 months at the time of purchase, as well as an active mobile phone number. 
14. Which bank cards and which payment systems can be linked to ZOOD Pay?
To pay using ZOOD Pay, you can link a card of any bank with Visa or Mastercard payment systems (UzCard and Humo in Uzbekistan).
15. How does ZOOD Pay ensure bank card data security?
Security of bank card data is ensured by our Partners, typically the largest online acquirers in the country like UzCard in Uzbekistan. Partners comply with all international standards and certifications. 
16. Do the customers need to re-enter their details when re-purchasing with ZOOD Pay?
There is no such need, if the customers have already entered their data, the system will pull them up automatically. The customers must only confirm their purchase. 
17. Can I add a markup for goods/services when I sell a product with ZOOD Pay?
No, the prices for customers, regardless of the payment method, must be the same. 
18. Are there monthly minimum turnover requirements with ZOOD Pay?
No, we do not set such requirements for our Partners.  We try to do everything so that you attract more new high-quality customers.
19. In which cities can ZOOD Pay be connected?
ZOOD Pay service is an online solution, so there are no restrictions on its geography, you can sell with ZOOD Pay in any city in your country. 
20. How will the customer understand that the online store is a ZOOD Pay Partner?
When choosing a payment method for a product, the customer will see ZOOD Pay in the list. Also, on our website, customers can find the entire list of Sellers providing the ZOOD Pay service. 
21. Are there any restrictions on the number of purchases with ZOOD Pay in our online store?
There are no such restrictions, customers can make purchases within the approved limit.
22. Will you advertise my online store?
We have a plan for various activities within the framework that will increase the recognition of the service and attract customers, including your online store. 
23. Why was I refused to cooperate with ZOOD Pay?
The reasons may vary, we reserve the right not to give the exact reason, but in any case, we recommend that you apply for cooperation again in 3 months.  
24. Do you have integrations with popular e-commerce platforms/builders?
Yes, we are constantly working to simplify the integration of Partners with our service and now you can download the ZOOD Pay plugin for platforms such as PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, Bitrix, WooCommerce, ExpandCart, BILLZ, Wix, Shopify, and others. 
25. Up to what amount can customers make purchases with ZOOD Pay?
The customers can make purchases within the approved maximum limit which varies per country. The maximum amount limit is set at 1100 USD in Uzbekistan for example.
26. Is it possible to return a purchase paid for with ZOOD Pay?
Yes, this functionality is provided by the ZOOD Pay service. 
27. Is the sale commission refundable if a purchase is canceled or returned?
Yes, the commission is refunded if the return occurred no later than 14 days from the date of delivery. After 14 days, the commission is not refundable. 
28. Are sales with ZOOD Pay available 24 hours a day?
Yes, there are no time limits. 
29. When will the first payment be returned to the customer in the event of a canceled purchase from ZOOD Pay?
The money will be returned in accordance with the rules of the payment systems. This usually happens almost immediately. 
30. What should I do with the received invoice and work completion certificate?
You must keep the invoice and one copy of the certificate of completion.  
The second copy of the act of completed work should be signed, sealed, and sent to the following address: 
Tashkent, Mirzo-Ulugbekskiy district, Yassi Street, 9/3 - for Uzbekistan.  
31. What should be indicated on the invoice?
The following information should be indicated on the invoice: name and address, invoice date, the period for which the invoice is issued, description of services, amount of service units (if such exists), price of each service unit, the currency of the amount, and all additional charges (if such exist). 
32. How can I re-issue a Cooperation Agreement to another company?
To do this, you need to send a request to or call +998 71 2090076 - for Uzbekistan, and - for Lebanon, after which all instructions will be sent to you.
33. What banks do you cooperate with when arranging installments?
We do not use the resources of local banks to arrange installments, we fully finance purchases from our funds.
34. How is your service better in comparison with banks that offer similar solutions?
The main advantage is that we are not limited to customers of a particular bank, therefore you are given the opportunity to sell goods in installments to a much larger customer base. 
There are other benefits too, like: 
• For purchases, the customer does not need to submit an application to a bank and sign documents, it is enough to have a valid bank card and select the ZOOD Pay payment method on your website. 
• There is no need to be the owner of a club card or to be a customer of any particular bank. 
• There are no additional costs for customers, no interest is charged, and no commissions are applied. 
• Instant approval of an order can be confirmed within a few seconds

1. What is ZOOD Pay in-store shopping?

ZOOD Pay in-store shopping is a simple and convenient payment solution that offers customers the possibility to pay for in-store purchases in 4 equal installments without commission or hidden fees.

The ZOOD Pay in-store payment solution is only available in our Partners’ network of stores. 

2. Why does the Partner store need to offer ZOOD Pay?
By allowing customers to buy goods or services in installments without commission or hidden fees, our Partners will be able to increase their turnover by acquiring new customers, achieving growth through conversion, and increasing the average order value and the number of goods within one purchase.

3. Who can shop in-store with ZOOD Pay?
To use the ZOOD Pay in-store payment solution, the customer must be at least 18 years old and have a valid local mobile number as well as a bank card that is valid at least for the next 3 months. To make the in-store shopping experience seamless, we recommend that customers download the ZOOD app and get their credit limit approved before approaching the in-store cashier.

4. How does ZOOD Pay in-store work?

Shopping in-store with ZOOD Pay is so easy! To split the in-store purchase amount into 4 commission-free installments, the customer needs to follow this process:  

  • Download the ZOOD Pay & ZOOD Mall app and tap on the “ZOOD Pay” tab at the bottom of the screen 

  • Tap on the “Get limit now” button and provide the requested information to get instant approval on the spending limit  

  • Go to the ZOOD Pay Partner’s shop, scan the QR code by using the app, confirm your in-store purchase, and enjoy shopping with ZOOD Pay! 


Following the customer’s confirmation of the in-store purchase amount in the ZOOD Pay & ZOOD Mall app, 25% of the purchase amount will be processed immediately while the remaining installments will be withdrawn from the customer’s bank card every 30 days.  

5. Should the customer spend the entire approved spending limit?
ZOOD Pay does not limit customers, they can make purchases for any amount within the available spending limit.

6. What happens to the spending limit if it is not fully used?
The spending limit is valid for 1 month and the customer can make purchases in Partners’ stores until it is fully used. The available limit is restored when the customer makes his/her payments, and the limit grows with each successful order repayment.

7. What if the customer's in-store purchase was not approved?

We suggest that the customer checks the following in case his/her in-store purchase was not approved:    

  • Are there sufficient funds in the customer’s bank account for the first installment? There should be at least 25% of the purchase amount available in the bank account for the 1st ZOOD Pay payment.   

  • Does the purchase amount exceed the customer’s available ZOOD Pay spending limit? If so, decrease the new purchase amount or repay the previous order(s).  

  • The minimum ZOOD Pay in-store purchase amount is UZS 150,000. Make sure your in-store purchase amount is not less than UZS 150,000. 

8. Will delayed payments by the customers affect the Partner? What are the Partner’s risks?
Partners carry absolutely no risks; all the risks are borne by ZOOD Pay. The Partner will receive payments for successfully sold goods in a timely manner.

9. When will the settlements take place?
Mutual settlements are usually done 3 times per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

10. Will the Partner’s commission be refunded in case of purchase return?
In case of purchase return within a time frame of 14 days after delivery, the commission is fully refunded to the Partner.

11. Can the Partner make a partial refund?
A partial refund can be made, in this case, the commission will be refunded only from the amount of the goods returned.

12. Who should reimburse the customer for the refund?
Only ZOOD Pay can make a refund to the customer.

13. Can the Partner add a commission to the purchase price?
This provision is regulated by the rules of ZOOD Pay. The Partner has no right to inflate the value of the goods when selling with ZOOD Pay or to place any other restriction on the customer.

14. Is there a Partner requirement to connect with ZOOD Pay?
To get an accurate response, the Partner needs to apply for cooperation through the ZOOD Pay website (

15. Are there any turnover requirements with ZOOD Pay?
There are no requirements turnover.

16. Can the Partner place the ZOOD Pay pointers outside or inside the store?

Placing the ZOOD Pay pointers outside or inside the store is a prerequisite.




1. What is Fulfillment by ZOOD Pay? How does it work?

Fulfillment by ZOOD Pay is an opportunity to start selling online. You just need to have a product to sell. No need to have a store, or warehouse and worry about communicating with a courier company. We manage a professional warehouse/ fulfillment center. Sellers just need to deliver their product to the fulfillment center and after that everything in the sales process will be done by ZOOD Pay. After a customer places an order we will pack your goods and deliver them to the customer via a courier company.

2. Who can use the Fulfillment service?

Any existing ZOOD Pay seller or any entrepreneur who is ready to work with ZOOD Pay based on set requirements. 

3. What are the main advantages for sellers to use Fulfillment by ZOOD Pay?

Fulfillment by ZOOD Pay significantly reduces delivery times. The customer will be able to choose fast delivery with the same product price resulting in more sales. The fulfillment service also saves time and cost for the seller. Everything will be done by ZOOD Pay. Sellers could directly send their stock from suppliers to our Fulfillment Center without the hassle of managing receipt, storage, packing, and returns.

4. What should I do to start working with you?

If you have already signed the seller general contract (that includes addendum B), all you need to do is specify what you want to send to the fulfillment center in the ZOOD Mall seller back office system, and then send the products.

5. What products can I bring to the Fulfillment Center?

Below are the restrictions on product characteristics:
1. Flammable (gasoline, paint products, tires, etc.)
2. Chemicals (industrial fertilizers, chemicals).
3. Highly toxic products (objects emitting a strong odor).
4. Products that have a certain (temperature, light) storage mode

Please note that if your product is not sold after 45 days, we will start charging rent for it.

6. How should products be packed?

Products should be properly packed, in good condition, and with no damage to the package. The warehouse manager can refuse to receive goods if they are not in good condition.

7. Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact your Key Account Manager in any country, or the Merchant Care department in Uzbekistan at +998712090076

8. What is the warehouse's address?

The Warehouse is located in Tashkent City, Uzbekistan, Uisozlar Street, 41.

9. Who is the contact person in the warehouse?

There is a dedicated person who can be contacted by the sellers in case of directions to the warehouse, the receipt of goods, etc.... Contact details will be communicated separately during the onboarding stage. 

10. What are the working hours of the warehouse?

The working hours at the warehouse are:
Monday - Friday, 10 am to 6 pm
Saturday, 10 am to 2 pm
Sunday - Closed

11. How many goods can I bring to the warehouse?

It depends on the seller, the recommended quantity is to cover at least 1 week of sales. Please note that if your product is not sold after 45 days, we will start charging rent for it in proportion to the space it occupies.

12. Where can I see the existing stock at the warehouse?

Anytime, all information will be available at the SBO.

13. When should I refill the stock?

It is fully the seller's responsibility to ensure that stock covers the sales requirements.

14. Will you penalize me if I don’t refill the stock on time?

No, but you could lose sales and profit.

15. Can I retrieve my stock from the warehouse?

Yes, anytime. You just need to submit a request. 

16. What if something happens to my goods at the warehouse? Damage, loss, fire, flood, etc.

ZOOD Pay will fully cover it. It is in the contract.

17. What security measures are taken at the warehouse?

Our warehouse is professionally controlled for entering and leaving the territory, with everything being monitored by video cameras.

18. How can I get compensation for damaged/lost goods?

Just send a request and ZOOD Pay will compensate.

19. How does return to the Fulfillment Center work?

If the order is not delivered, or the buyer refuses to take the parcel, the order returns to the Fulfillment Center. We unpack the parcel and put it back on the shelf; available stock automatically increases. If the order was delivered, the package was open, but the buyer still wants to return it (ex. poor quality of product), then we return such order directly to the Seller.

20. Will you still charge me for Fulfillment if the order is returned? Are there any other charges for returns?

Yes, we charge sellers if a refund was reasonable from the customers' perspective. For example, if the product has defects etc.

21. How much does it cost?

For partners who use SME inventory financing, the service is free. For others, we charge for:
1. Order preparation (picking, packaging, etc) - 15,000 UZS
2. Storage from 46 days - 2,500 UZS

22. How will ZM charge me for the Fulfillment service?

We charge sellers once a month for orders fulfilled from the warehouse. Separate invoices will be issued and the amount will be deducted from the general payments to sellers.

23. How about the general payment for goods sold?

Nothing changes for the general payment to sellers for goods sold.

24. What are your plans for Fulfillment?

In July-August 2023 we will be ready to fulfill orders placed not only at the ZOOD Mall marketplace but also at other platforms, for example, sellers’ own websites. In Q4 2023 we are going to launch new warehouses in Tashkent and other regions.


1. What is ZOOD Pay inventory financing?

Inventory financing is a short-term loan used to acquire goods that can then be sold. The proceeds from these sales are then used to pay down the loan. The goods are, in this type of financing, already ordered and paid for i.e. they are already in a warehouse at the time of the loan being extended. The counter value of the goods in the warehouse acts as security for the financing provided.

2. How can I apply for financing?

You can apply by sending an e-mail request to ZOOD Pay. A request form will be provided by your ZOOD Pay manager.

3. What documents are required to receive ZOOD Pay funding?

Same documents that you provide to ZOOD Mall, plus verification of no outstanding debts with banks or government authorities.

4. Who can get ZOOD Pay inventory funding?

Small and medium-sized enterprises registered and tax domiciled in Uzbekistan with at least two continuous years in business and at least three consecutive months of sales through ZOOD.

5. How long is an approved loan valid for?

Approval of inventory financing is valid for a period of up to 15 calendar days from the date of approval.

6. What agreement do I need to sign?

You will sign an agreement with MCO, a separate legal entity from ZOOD Mall.

7. What goods can be taken as collateral for credit?

High rotation goods based on a 3-month sales history. Only officially purchased/produced /imported goods can be financed.

8. What credit limit can I get? Who defines it?

The credit limit will be defined by ZOOD Pay: it will be 80% of monthly sales of high-rotation goods based on your 3-month historical sales. The minimum credit amount is USD 400 and the maximum amount is USD 30,000.

9. What is the duration of the funding?

Financing is for 30 calendar days.

10. What is the interest rate for ZOOD Pay inventory financing?

3.5% interest will be charged for the loan over 30 days.

11. How long does it take to get an answer for the credit limit?

Immediately after selecting and marking products that the seller wants to bring to the ZOOD fulfillment center in Seller Back Office.

12. How do I receive money after the credit limit is approved?

Credit will be given based on quantities of specific goods; ZOOD Pay will provide this list as part of your credit limit approval. You will need to provide ZOOD Pay with documentation of origin for all the goods specified on the list and wait for confirmation.
Upon confirmation, you will need to deliver these specific quantities of goods to the fulfillment center. You will get the loan via a bank transfer after the confirmation of the delivery receipt. 

13. Can goods be pledged without proof of their origin?

No, the origin of the goods must be documented in order to avoid the financing of stolen goods or goods obtained through any criminal and/or illegal activities.

14. What if I bring fewer goods to the Fulfillment Center than indicated in my credit limit?

Your loan amount will be re-calculated based on the actual quantities of goods confirmed by the Fulfillment Center (FC).

15. Will I pay any storage costs? For how long?

The storage cost is 2,500 UZS per day/ per 1 cubic meter in Uzbekistan.

16. Can I sell the financed product at the price I want?

Yes, sellers can decide their own prices, taking into account competition and market conditions.

17. Can I sell this financed stock to non-ZOOD Mall customers?

At the start of the program, you will only be able to sell financed goods on the ZOOD Mall marketplace. In the future, it will be possible to sell financed stock through other online channels. 

18. How quickly will I receive the funds?

1 banking day after goods are received by the Fulfillment Center.

19. Can I use my existing bank account to get the financing?

Yes you can use any bank account you prefer, or you can open a bank account at our partner bank.

20. How and where do I need to make payments?

You will not need to pay yourself, as ZOOD Mall will deduct the debt from your payments related only to the goods taken as collateral. You will keep receiving payments on other goods as usual. Once deductions cover your debt + 3.5% interest, payments on financed goods will resume. At the end of the month, ZOOD Mall will transfer money on your behalf to MCO. 

21. What if sales on financed goods during 30 days are not enough to cover the credit?

In such a case the seller will need to pay via bank transfer the remaining debt amount on the 30th day from which the credit was given.

22. How will I know the remaining debt?

ZOOD Pay will send you your payment report indicating the payments that were withheld to cover the debt. You will get this report along with standard payment reports twice per week.

23. Is it possible to close all payments ahead of schedule?

Yes, pre-payment is possible and would allow for further inventory financing to be provided once the existing loan is fully repaid.

24. If I pay sooner than 30 days, do I pay less interest? Are you keeping the money that you are collecting during the 30 days?

The interest rate will remain the same at 3.5%. Money collected for financed goods will be held by ZOOD Mall until the end of the 30-day period and then will be transferred to MCO.

25. Is there a payment delay?

A payment delay would occur if a loan repayment is missed at the maturity date. Payment delay is subject to delay fees. Some minor and short-term payment delays may be resolved amicably however, prolonged payment delays may lead to legal action against the debtor, disqualifying the debtor from receiving further inventory financing.

26. Can I increase the payment term?

No, the payment term is fixed to a maximum of 30 calendar days.

27. What measures will be taken in case of late payment?

Payment delay is subject to delay fees. Some minor and short-term payment delays may be resolved amicably however, prolonged payment delays may lead to legal action against the debtor, disqualifying the debtor from receiving further inventory financing.

28. What can I use ZOOD Pay funding for?

Financing can be utilized to improve cash flow in situations like seasonal sales, when you may need to make a large capital investment to ramp up your inventory for a short and intense selling season; you can therefore purchase more goods. Or if you are required to pay your suppliers within a shorter period of time than the normal sales period of your goods, you can cover such a cash shortage through inventory financing.

29. What is the minimum and maximum amount I can get through ZOOD Pay funding?

You can get funding from 400 USD up to 30,000 USD. The minimum and maximum amounts can be changed due to local currency.

30. Is it possible to increase the ZOOD Pay funding amount?

Yes, the financing amount can grow based on your positive historical sales and payment track record.

31. Is the financing secured by collateral or unsecured?

The financing is secured by the value of 1) goods in circulation that have been financed with an inventory financing loan and 2) receivables from customers based on a collateral agreement that entitles ZOOD Pay to sell the goods in case of non-payment of the loan at its maturity and/or collects the receivables from buyers.

32. Will the transferred goods be displayed in the reconciliation act?

You will still own the goods transferred to the Fulfillment Center; accounting of these goods will be the same as for your regular sales.

33. If you collect the money, who will deliver the product and at which cost?

Product delivery will happen under the same process that ZOOD Mall has, financing does not affect it.

34. Can I finance products that are sold through other e-commerce channels, but that are stored in the Fulfillment Center?

Yes, you can, if you use ZOOD Pay or COD as a payment method, as money collection needs to be controlled by ZOOD Pay to manage risks.

35. What is the price at which I can sell financed goods on other platforms?

The minimum price for non-ZOOD Mall users should not be less than 80% of the good's price at which ZOOD Pay provided financing. The delivery company will compare the COD order price to the above minimum price and will not deliver an order if the COD price is lower.

Don't miss out on this chance to supercharge your business!

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