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ZOOD Tech is the BNPL As-A-Service Hub of Mastercard that provides an end-to-end BNPL technology solution, allowing banks, fintechs and retailers to launch their own BNPL platforms with ease and speed.

ZOOD Tech: BNPL As-A-Service Platform

Digital Onboarding

Seamless digital onboarding featuring KYC & AML checks with proactive fraud prevention ensuring compliance.

Loan Management

Complete loan lifecycle management from loan origination to recovery ensuring efficiency & scale.

Credit Scoring Engine

Delivering real-time credit decisions powered by multi-model transactional & behavioral risk scorecards.

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Product Configuration & Design

Tailored BNPL solutions to fit institutional requirements, for product, channel or customer types.

Application White-labeling

Launch white-labeled Android or iOS application with complete BNPL infrastructure and functionalities.

BNPL Card Issuance & Processing

End-to-end BNPL card issuance & processing through Mastercard PTS, enabling scale & adoption.


With a focus to acquire more customers and drive credit adoption, BNPL presents itself as a remarkable opportunity to leverage acquisition and credit underwriting at scale through an end-to-end, plug & play white-label BNPL solution.

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Lender & Bin Sponsor

Responsible for balance sheet ownership & risk. Issuance of virtual card.


Network and Project Manager

Responsible for orchestrating all parties and enablement of instore BNPL


BNPL Tech & Ops Provider

Responsible for customer onboarding, credit scoring and loan management platform.

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responsible for card issuer processing via partnership of ZOOD with Mastercard PTS

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responsible for accepting BNPL transactions coming through their channel

Key Benefits



Benefit from an economically efficient multi-channel distribution system which helps reduce operational costs.

Reduced CAC and increased Monetization.png

Reduced CAC & increased Monetization

Acquire customers without heavy investment and open new avenues for revenue generation.

Robust Credit Assessment.png

Robust Credit Assessment

With our proprietary risk management tools, minimize non-performing debt while ensuring sustainable, cost-conscious loan origination and financially sound lending operations.

Upsell & Cross-Sell Opportunities.png

Upsell & Cross-Sell Opportunities

Explore opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell other banking products to consumers and SMEs, including liability-side and bank assurance products.

Compliance with Local Regulations.png

Compliance with Local Regulations

Keeping up with varying local regulations can be daunting. Our platform is tailored to ensure compliance, so the bank maintains a strong standing with regulatory bodies.

Enhanced Customer Stickiness & Scalability.png

Enhanced Customer Stickiness & Scalability

Deliver a seamless user experience via a fully digital and integrated platform, enabling the bank to retain customers and scale efficiently. 

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