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ZOODTech's cloud-native digital platform enables banking partners to rapidly and efficiently introduce Shariah-compliant digital lending services to the underbanked population within a holistic ecosystem, which can be delivered as an all-in-one solution or tailored to specific needs, providing the essential technological and requisite advisory services.


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Underbanked Customers

Core Offerings

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Virtual Installment card

Partnering with Mastercard, Zood unveils a cutting-edge Buy-Now-Pay-Later card tailored for the unbanked and underbanked. Seamlessly bridging online and in-store shopping, it boasts rapid deployment and versatile installment options. A game-changer for financial inclusivity.

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Shariah-Compliant Digital Lending & E-commerce Marketplace

Our e-commerce lending marketplace enables banks to boost consumer engagement and achieve low-cost customer acquisition, fostering an environment where customers and Islamic financial products connect with ease.

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Holistic Technology for Risk Management

Our comprehensive technology provides tools for managing risks tied to high-velocity lending products for the underbanked population, ensuring the bank's security and instilling confidence in potential borrowers.

Key Benefits



Benefit from an economically efficient multi-channel distribution system which helps reduce operational costs.

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Reduced CAC & increased Monetization

Acquire customers without heavy investment and open new avenues for revenue generation.

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Robust Credit Assessment

With our proprietary risk management tools, minimize non-performing debt while ensuring sustainable, cost-conscious loan origination and financially sound lending operations.

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Upsell & Cross-Sell Opportunities

Explore opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell other banking products to consumers and SMEs, including liability-side and bank assurance products.

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Compliance with Local Regulations

Keeping up with varying local regulations can be daunting. Our platform is tailored to ensure compliance, so the bank maintains a strong standing with regulatory bodies.

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Enhanced Customer Stickiness & Scalability

Deliver a seamless user experience via a fully digital and integrated platform, enabling the bank to retain customers and scale efficiently. 

Technology & Advisory Solutions

1. Lending E-commerce marketplace 

Create lending marketplaces to allow 3rd parties to sell through your platform to enrich offerings and stimulate growth. Provide a seamless experience over mobile and web with advanced back-office management and a self-service seller panel. Our headless e-commerce solution enables you to reduce time-to-market and expand your revenue streams through our easy integrating global lending marketplace platform - Flexible and Modular Front-Face on Mobile and Web Platforms - Comprehensive Self-Service Seller Back Office - Key Seller Account Management - All-in-one  Back Office to manage e-commerce operations with easy integration with 3rd parties' solutions - BI Monitoring & Insights Tools  - Pricing and Competition Monitoring Tools - Promotion and Campaign Management Tools - Advertisement and Sales Boosting Tools for sellers - Performance Marketing Tools  - CRM Tools for Customer and Seller Support  - Local and Cross-Border Catalog and Product Management Tool - Cross-Border Merchant Recruitment & Onboarding - Online Training Tool for Seller Onboarding and Activation

2. Risk Management & Lending Optimization

Benefit from a robust risk infrastructure across the entire lending life cycle, from loan origination, fraud detection and prevention, risk underwriting, and decision-making through portfolio reporting, analytics, and control, customer retention management up to early collections, and late debt management strategies - Robust Customer and Transaction-Level KYC, Fraud Detection and Prevention  - Streamlined and Digitized Loan Origination, Product, and Customer Segmentation   - Internal and External Data-Point Integration, Data Aggregation and Enhancement  - Data Science-Driven Development of Scorecards, Decision Trees, and Risk Policies  - Automated Decision-Making and Instantaneous Loan Approval Process  - Risk Reporting, Analytics, and Portfolio Management with Power BI Visualizations  - Technology-Powered Early and Late Debt Collections Strategies and Processes 

3. Virtual Installment Card

Unlock the future of online lending with our Virtual Installment Card solution. A unique Buy-Now-Pay-Later Card (BNPL), offered by Zood in partnership with Mastercard, will allow the bank’s underbanked customers to purchase products from thousands of online and in-store retailers, bridging the financial inclusion gap. This revolutionary card has the following features - Complete Virtual Card infrastructure with card issuance, processing, authorization, and transaction management capabilities  - Plug-in for BIN sponsors in respective markets for clearing, settlement, and reconciliation  - Regulatory compliance framework to ensure the bank meets its regulatory and internal compliances  - Flexible payment options, available both as a Virtual Card and a Physical Card  - Launch with speed and scale with ease without integration requirements with the bank or at the merchant’s point of sale   - Customization options to tailor the product offerings to the bank’s revenue and duration requirements including.   - BNPL (Non-Interest-Bearing Equal Term Installments)  - Consumer Lending Program (Interest-Bearing Equal Term Installments) 

4. All-in-One Zood Ecosystem Franchise

The comprehensive Zood Ecosystem (Lending, Marketplace, and E-logistic) presents an ideal opportunity to take banking to the next level with lean customer acquisition, innovative Shariah-Compliant lending solutions, and the ability to scale with agility with an implementation in less than 2 months - Risk Management and Lending Optimization  - Lending Marketplace Web/App  - Virtual Installment Card   - ZOOD Branding License  - Holistic Business Solution: E-commerce, Technology, and Risk Advisory for Implementation

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