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Inventory financing for SMEs

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SMEs are thriving in our geographies however, they do not have access to traditional lending products to grow their business. For this reason, we have launched our latest FinTech B2B offering “ZOOD Pay Inventory Financing for SMEs” to select ZOOD ecosystem merchants providing monthly inventory financing and the necessary warehousing technology.

Merchants benefiting from this service will send the financed products to our fullfilment center, where they will serve as collateral together with the customer receivables. We finance up to 80% of the value of the merchant's best-selling products for a period of 30 days and store them in our designated warehouse for free. We provide financing for up to $30,000 per merchant or the equivalent in local currency.

We also offer our merchants the ZOOD Ship E-logistics service as a package with our inventory financing product. ZOOD Ship includes fulfillment, packing, pickup points with fitting rooms through our ZOOD Ship Smart Lockers Network, courier, and postal deliveries for ZOOD Pay orders. The setup is technology-based and fully outsourced to local 3PL.

ZOOD Ship guarantees a faster delivery time and reduced delivery costs, enhancing the customer experience. It also helps the sellers in their daily operations.

Don't miss out on this chance to supercharge your business!

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