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ZOOD Pay uses Samsung Knox Guard Solution to maintain fulfillment of purchase terms

Check Your IMEI Code here

You can find your IMEI on the box of the device or if unboxed.

please dial the following combination on your device: *#06#

Samsung devices sold by ZOOD Pay Samsung X6 or X12 installment payment method will be blocked if installments are not paid on time. 

ZOOD Pay is a payment solution that empowers you to "Buy Now and Pay Later" without any additional cost.

ZOOD Pay provides x6 or x12 Installment, and breaks down the total cost of your purchase into smaller payments, spread over 5 or 11 months. A third of the total purchase amount is due at the time of the purchase, while the remaining amount is spread out over five months in five payments, each due in 30 days from the proceeding payment. 

Purchased Samsung mobile device is coming with deployed Samsung Knox Guard Solution, that will be used by ZOOD Pay to maintain fulfillment of purchase general terms.  
This device is available only with ZOOD Pay x6 or x12 installment and you can only purchase it from ZOOD Mall App (Download from play store/Appstore). 

Do not buy from the street or local shops.

Before payment of full price from customer, mobile device is considered as property of ZOOD Pay and customer accepts it.  
Before payment plan is met customer cannot take any of following actions, including but not limited to:  
- Sell device;  
- Give to third person;  
- Sell in parts;  
- Damage intentionally.  
In abovementioned situation, customer is obliged to pay to ZOOD Pay full price of the device, this rule is binding also cases, where device might be stolen.  
After customer has fully repaid price of the device with any other charges (if applicable), the Samsung Knox Guard solution is removed from the device and no further interference will take place. The customer is eligible to use a mobile device to any extent. 

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Flexible payment with ZOOD

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