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Zood launches in Pakistan with its holistic ecosystem of digital lending for SMEs and consumers

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  • Zood is a digital lending platform for e-commerce that embeds FinTech, E-Commerce, and E-logistics services with lending at the core of the ecosystem

  • The ecosystem is well structured to mitigate risk and scale efficiently via a data-driven approach


Karachi, Pakistan, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 26 January 2023


Zood, the leading digital lending platform for e-commerce in the Middle East and Central Asia, announces the launch of its complete ecosystem in Pakistan.  The ecosystem embeds FinTech (ZoodPay), E-commerce (ZoodMall), and E-logistics (ZoodShip) services, with lending being the core activity, offering merchants and consumers with flexible Shariah-compliant lending solutions via several data-centric distribution channels.


Commenting on the launch of Zood’s ecosystem in Pakistan, Michael Khoi, Zood Group CEO said, “Pakistan is a significant market for Zood, with a population of nearly 220 million. From fintech to e-commerce and e-logistics, we are bringing the full power of our services to the country, and confident of the positive impact it will have on both merchants and consumers alike.”


Zood aims to address the SME and consumer credit opportunity in Pakistan by leveraging its existing B2C and B2B digital-lending ecosystem offering merchants and consumers an array of services anchored around the online merchant with a vision to enable merchants and help bring offline merchants online.


The Zood lending suite will be available to both merchants and consumers and includes (1) ZoodPay Inventory Financing to select Zood ecosystem merchants providing monthly inventory financing and the necessary fulfillment services and warehousing technology, (2) ZoodPay BNPL, a 4-installment consumer plan with 0% interest, and  (3) ZoodPay Credit, an extended consumer BNPL product (up to 12 months) with interest offered to select customers. Zood’s lending products will be available through various channels including its proprietary marketplace, ZoodMall, which boasts 30,000 sellers and 7 million products, via partner apps and websites.


This complete ecosystem enables Zood to collect data on behavior and patterns which it builds upon to extend lending solutions via its powerful data-driven scoring engine. Complemented by e-logistics via a JV with - one of the leading fulfillment centers in Pakistan - the platform is self-sufficient with fulfillment services such as warehousing, sorting, and delivery. While ensuring efficient scalability, this reduces the risk of fraud, since the end receivables are pledged to Zood as collateral and Zood has control and visibility over the entire delivery flow from the sourcing, to warehousing up to delivery to the end consumer.


Headquartered in Switzerland, with 10 offices serving over 10 million users, Zood was first tested and deployed in Uzbekistan. With the business model being validated in other frontier and emerging markets, namely Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, Zood is well positioned with its launch in Pakistan. Zood recently acquired the Pakistan lending Fintech, Tez Financial Services which was co-founded in 2017 by Naureen Hyat and Humza Hussain.


Naureen Hyat, ZoodPay Pakistan CEO said, “Zood is equipped with a vantage point through its unique ecosystem that positions it well to bank on the fast-growing e-commerce lending opportunity in Pakistan. We aim to enable SMEs to grow their businesses digitally while adopting a prudent approach to allow both SMEs and consumers to smooth out their financing needs.” 



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