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ZoodPay and Neem.Pro enter into a joint venture to enable an end-to-end ecosystem for online merchants in Pakistan  

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Lausanne, Switzerland and Islamabad, Pakistan - August 11, 2022


  • ZoodPay and Neem.Pro enter into a JV to support online merchants in accelerating their businesses via access to credit and fulfillment services  

  • The JV will form an integral part of ZoodPay’s Shariah-Compliant Inventory Financing Offering 


ZoodPay, the digital lending platform for e-commerce in the Middle East and Central Asia, announced that it has entered into a Joint Venture (JV) with Neem.Pro, the leading warehouse management and fulfillment services provider in Pakistan. 


ZoodPay recently ventured into Pakistan as a significant new player in the digital lending and fintech industry with the acquisition of Tez Financial Services, and it is expanding its footprint in the country through an end-to-end ecosystem for digital lending. is pioneering Pakistan’s warehousing fulfillment space by using advanced technology to provide seamless end-to-end B2B and B2C fulfillment services for merchants. Through this partnership, ZoodPay and will leverage their expertise to enable online merchants to grow their business by providing them access to credit and state-of-the-art order fulfillment services. The JV entails a logistically integrated online marketplace providing e-commerce and lending services to small and medium online merchants in B2B and B2C transactions. 


Commenting on the collaboration, Michael Khoi, Founder and CEO of ZoodPay said, “This JV is a testament to the strong foundations we are building for our holistic lending ecosystem in Pakistan and are very optimistic about the opportunities being unfolded”. 


This JV forms an integral part of ZoodPay’s strategy to grow its unique ecosystem of E-commerce, Fintech, and E-logistics services in Pakistan and it will enable the company to introduce its Shariah-Compliant Inventory Financing Solution for online merchants allowing the management of merchants' stock, which serves as collateral for its inventory financing product. will build upon this ecosystem via the provision of warehousing and fulfillment solutions through dedicated fulfillment centers and an e-logistics platform. The platform entails integrations with multiple last-mile delivery providers completing the e-logistics vertical.  


Sharing his views, Haider Badat, Founder and CEO of Neem.Pro said, "We believe in the limitless potential of ecommerce and are excited about the JV as this integrated solution will fast track the growth of Pakistan's online merchants." 

About ZoodPay 

Headquartered in Switzerland and managed by an experienced team of Fintech and eCommerce professionals, ZoodPay is a digital lending platform for e-commerce serving merchants and shoppers alike in the fast-growing mobile markets across Central Asia and the Middle East. ZoodPay leverages its proprietary, AI-based technology which utilizes data from its dynamic ecosystem of fintech, e-commerce, and e-logistics to serve the underbanked in markets where historical banking data and credit information for customer scoring is scarce or limited.   



About Neem.Pro provides best-in-class fulfillment solutions that are flexible and scalable. It offers simple pricing options with optimized processes that enable retailers to grow their business, save unnecessary costs and time, and deliver a stellar customer experience for end consumers. has partnered with the best, to offer a complete suite for the e-commerce fulfillment journey. Its fully integratable platform empowers its clients through real-time visibility of their inventory and the journey of each order. 

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