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ZoodPay reports an 11-fold increase in gross profit and 300% increase in revenue for the first six months of 2022.

  • The digital lending platform has exceeded 10 million app downloads and recorded a net merchant value growth of 171%.

  • Exceptional performance is a testament to the company’s unique ecosystem that provides fintech, e-commerce, and e-logistics services under one roof


Lausanne, Switzerland – 03 August, 2022


ZoodPay, a leading digital lending platform operating in the Middle East and Central Asia, reports impressive growth across all multiple key metrics for the first six months to 30 June 2022, having exceeded 10 million downloads of its ZoodPay & ZoodMall SuperApp.


Compared to the same period last year, the Net Merchant Value (NMV) grew by 171% over the period, with revenue up 300% and gross profit exploding by 11-fold, validating the margin improvement initiatives the company undertook as well as the enhancements to its risk management platform.

During this period in 2022, unique transactions increased by 340%; unique customers grew by 325%; and ZoodPay’s portfolio (end-of-month loan book) grew by 382%. Michael Khoi, CEO of ZoodPay, said, “The exceptional performance and solid growth is a testament to ZoodPay’s unique ecosystem that provides fintech, e-commerce, and e-logistics services to businesses and clients in Uzbekistan, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Pakistan. With a total addressable population of over 300 million people and more than 5 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), these frontier markets offer huge growth potential for ZoodPay due to limited consumer credit and pent-up demand for fintech amongst consumers and SMEs.” The CEO continued, “ZoodPay has been able to overcome the challenges of limited historical data on consumers and small enterprises by building a holistic and intelligent ecosystem comprised of a marketplace featuring 7 million products from 30,000 merchants, flexible lending options to customers, inventory financing solutions for merchants, as well as a robust and automated decision-making system. This holistic ecosystem continues to be refined and made more efficient due to the quality of data collected from merchants and customer activities.”


He concluded, "We will continue to invest across all our markets with a current focus on two key markets: Uzbekistan, with a 40 million population where we have a micro-credit organization license and are the leaders in e-logistics, marketplace, and online lending services. And also, Pakistan with a 230 million population, where we recently acquired Tez, one of the oldest fintech companies in the country, that has an NBFI license, and where we are planning to launch the same Zood ecosystem we have rolled out in Uzbekistan, offering e-logistics, marketplace and fintech services." ZoodPay offers consumers a traditional BNPL product (pay in four installments with no fees) and a lending product with twelve interest-bearing installments. Additionally, ZoodPay helps Zood SME merchants accelerate their online business through inventory financing, which provides them with monthly inventory

financing, the necessary warehousing technology, free online content creation, free packing, free sorting, and last-mile delivery through a dedicated fulfillment center and e-logistic solution.


The ZoodPay consumer fintech products are distributed across two online channels: the ZoodMall marketplace and on the apps of more than 1,000 partner merchants and websites via API, as well as through offline channels, or ZoodPay in-store, which is currently available in over 3,000 stores in Uzbekistan, Iraq, and Jordan.

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