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ZoodPay opened the second fulfillment center in Tashkent.

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We have opened our second fulfillment center in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, allowing us to manage our merchants' stock, which serves as collateral for our ZoodPay Inventory Financing solution.

This launch will boost our strategy and help us grow our unique ecosystem of Fintech, E-commerce, and E-logistics services to merchants and businesses in Uzbekistan.

ZoodPay helps Zood SME merchants accelerate their online business through inventory financing. We also provide them with free warehousing, free online content creation, free packing, and last-mile delivery through a dedicated fulfillment center and e-logistic solution. Through our ZoodPay flexible installments solution, we also assist merchants in providing a better shopping experience for their customers.

We have already onboarded our top local merchants in Uzbekistan to the ZoodPay Inventory Financing service. This second warehouse and inventory financing solution will allow us to manage the largest stock available in the Uzbek market, enabling us to provide same-day delivery within a 24-hour window and grow our SMEs lending revenue while maintaining low-risk margins.​

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